Various updates, work in progress renders, thoughts, ideas...

EC-135 - Dusted Off

I modeled and textured this Eurocopter 135 about 10 years ago on a PC with 2GB RAM.
I just dusted it off, shaded and rendered it again for the fun of it.

Dusting off the old MI-24

After reorganizing the whole project I decided to remodel a few older parts I am not happy with anymore. Started with this cockpit thing, now onto the next one. Piece by piece all goes into a clean file.


Mi-24 Progress

Progress on various parts. First pilot seat sculpt, door leather bags and some more gizmos in the cockpit. The tail fin is a crop of an 8K render.

Mi -24 Video Tutorial 002

Second video tutorial went online.

This time I'm going to talk a bit about some texturing basics as well as giving a hint to avoid nightmares creating UVs on my work in progress Mi-24. Frequent updates on my Facebook Artist page!

Mi -24 Video Tutorial 001

Published my very first video tutorial. A few thoughts and ideas around the Mi-24 personal project.

Just a quick overview of my Mi-24 helicopter, a few thoughts about it and some tips. Frequent updates on my Facebook Artist page!